Finding The Best Electric Kettle 2019

It can be very confusing when you are looking for an electric tea kettle because there are many thousands of models on the market and in the stores. How do you know which one works consistently to quickly boil water for tea, instant coffee, soup, and other items that require boiling water? Many people look for a popular brand that has a solid reputation for working well. Others choose by the shape of the kettle since there are so many different shapes available. Still other people are convinced of the right kettle to buy when they see features such as a blue light that goes off when the water is ready.

best electric kettle 2019

One kettle that is well-liked by many users is the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle CPK-17. This stainless steel pot has six preset temperatures for the tea connoisseur since various types of tea taste best when made with different temperatures of water. With these settings, it is easy to have the proper temperature with just the push of a button. There are features that this kettle has that are not usually found, such as a swivel base that keeps the cord out of the way, a memory feature that holds the setting for two minutes, and it comes with a three year warranty rather than the one year warranty that most models have.

Those who love the classic look of a stovetop kettle will appreciate the similar look of the Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle-KUA-17. It rounded pot, long spout, and curved handle are very charming and good for those who don’t want to give up their traditional kettle. It is well made, has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use, and it has a generous three year warranty.

Most electric kettles do not have temperature controls, but the Adagio UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle does have this feature. Those who drink a lot of green tea will appreciate this because this type of tea is best when made with water just below the boiling point. It is possible to get this temperature with this kettle. Other features of this model are an automatic shut-off, a stainless steel pot, and a plastic handle that stays cool. The one downside of this pot is that it only brews four cups of water at a time, whereas most kettles brew six cups. If you are only making tea for yourself, this will not be an issue.

The Capresso H2P Plus electric tea kettle has received high reviews from many websites. Many people consider it to have the best look and design of any kettle. The glass pot allows you to see the water boil, and it has a stainless steel lid that stays cool. It also has an automatic shutoff for safety.

The Cordless Electric Kettle 677 is also well-liked by users who like its sleek style and the fact that the cord retracts back into the base when not in use. It has a large capacity and a stainless steel exterior. The Chef’s Choice Glass Electric Kettle is another favorite with its glass and brushed stainless steel design that features a black plastic handle that is designed for both left-handed and right-handed users.

A large capacity kettle that holds 10 cups of water is the Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Electric Kettle. It is stainless steel with black plastic handle and base, and it has a rounded sleek styling. Very few stainless steel kettles are made in the USA since almost all stainless steel products are imported into the country from China. Even if a product is partially made in the USA, it usually has electrical components or other parts from China. There are also imported electric tea kettles from Japan and Germany.

Hamilton Beach 22708H Toaster Oven Review

The Hamilton Beach 22708H is a two-in-one appliance. You can use it as a mini oven or small toaster. You can find this model for an average price of $35. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.

The Hamilton Beach 22708H is equipped with a sliding function lever in the front. This allows you to switch between the toasting and oven functions easily. When using the oven, the toasting slots will be sealed so heat doesn’t escape from the oven.

The Hamilton Beach 22708H can accommodate two slices of toast. The slots measure 1.5 inches wide, so you can fit thick pieces of bread, bagels, and other items. To start the toasting process, you simply have to push down on the side lever.

There is also a cancel button so you can end the toasting cycle easily. The Hamilton Beach 22708H toaster also offers electronic shade control. You can use this control knob to change the color of your toast.

The Hamilton Beach 22708H also functions as a small toaster oven. It is fitted with a thermostat, so you can control the cooking temperature. You should be aware that this oven is very small. It provides enough space to fit two slices of pizza.

You will also like how easy the Hamilton Beach 22708H is to clean. It has a removable tray so you can remove bread crumbs from the unit easily.

The Hamilton Beach 22708H doesn’t take up a lot of space on your countertop. It measures nine inches high, ten inches wide, and 17 inches deep. It also has chrome accents, so it should look pretty good when compared to your other appliances.

The Hamilton Beach 22708H can toast two slices of bread at a time. You can also control how dark or light your toast turns out. There is also a removable tray so you can easily get bread crumbs out. There is also a sliding function lever on the front so you can seal the toasting slot and use the small oven. The oven is only big enough to fit two slices of pizza.

Barks 5th Avenue in Houston Review

Barks 5th Avenue is supposed to be one of the best doggy centers in Houston; it has doggy daycare, grooming, boarding, training, and they even sell healthy dog food, but I was sorely disappointed with their grooming. I waited longer than I should have to take Euri, my English Cocker Spaniel, in for his grooming so by the time his appointment rolled around, he was a mess. Actually just the area around his head (where he gets shaved) was too long but he looked horrible – sorry Euri.

The first problem was that the directions on MapQuest were incorrect, and apparently I’m not the first customer to complain about this. Barks 5th Avenue has since updated their web site with an exact address and correct map, but unfortunately it’s a bit too late for me. I wound up getting lost and driving 90 minutes which was stressful for both Euri and me. Fortunately when I called, one of the groomers knew the area well and was able to guide me to Barks 5th Avenue – despite my not being near them. Thank goodness for cell phones, but I don’t condone using them while driving.

When I had made Euri’s appointment I told the receptionist I wanted an express groom (for $10 extra), which meant Euri would not wait in a crate all day and he would have a specific timeslot when the groomer would work on just him. However, when I got there they had no record of Euri being marked down as an express groom; luckily they had the time to groom Euri right then and there. I asked to speak to the groomer so I could explain what I wanted done. She came out, said she understood everything, and that was that.

I was told it would take two hours and they’d call me if he was finished earlier. I arrived two hours later and Euri was not done. I waited and waited, and was told it would be another five to ten minutes, but more time went by. Finally, another hour went by and I was getting impatient. I mean how long does it take to bathe a dog, trim his nails, and shave his head and part of his ears?

Finally the owner (who was engaged in a conversation with a potential customer) told the woman behind the desk that I had been waiting long enough and to get my dog. Thank you! Unfortunately when Euri came out, he looked like he had been butchered – poor Euri – and it turned out the person I gave the instructions to didn’t even groom him.

Euri’s head and neck were shaved so closely that I could actually see the blade marks. Then I noticed his whiskers were shaved off – what kind of person does that to a dog? To a spaniel no less whose life is sniffing. Then I saw they shaved the fur off of his butt. I specifically said I wanted the long fur trimmed just a bit, not shaved. The groomer said she was just going by the notes since I didn’t speak to her directly. Ugh!

The owner said she would take a whopping $5 off of the price but I told her I had already paid, so she said she’d take $5 off of my next grooming appointment. Is she for real? As if I’d ever return there. When I got in the car, I was in near tears thinking about how painful the experience must have been for Euri. The only good thing was the fact that they only charged $53, and that included the $10 surcharge for the express grooming. For those of you with dogs who are regularly groomed this might seem like a high price, but remember Euri was not kept in a crate all day and this is the city. Everything is more expensive in the city.

I will say that Barks 5th Avenue was very clean, and the large dogs in daycare seemed happy. The large dogs have a nice area in which to play and they have access to the outside; the small dogs however, are stuck in a small room. Both daycare areas have glass windows so you can view the dogs’ activity. At least I was entertained while I waited.

In addition to grooming and daycare, Barks 5th Avenue also provides training and boarding. They are located at 10620 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77060. The phone number for Barks 5th Avenue is 281-970-2284, and their web site is:

Stand Mixer 101

A stand mixer has raised the bar when it comes to baking and cooking. It is because they have the capability, the power and the accuracy to handle mixing thoroughly.  If you have bought yourself a new stand mixer or you are the receiving end of a gift and received the best stand mixer, there are important things that you should know before using the stand mixer.

Speed Control Guide

Speeds #1 and #2 are ideally used for sifting and folding ingredients, and for starting whipping of cream & egg whites. Also, these speeds are for stirring ingredients.

Speeds #3 and #4 are ideally used for creaming butter, incorporating eggs and kneading bread and pasta dough. These speeds are for slow mixing of ingredients.

Speeds #5 to #12 are ideally used for “cutting in” butter to flour and mashing potatoes and vegetables. These speeds are for fast beating, mixing, creaming and whipping.


Before assembling your stand mixer, you should be able to identify the different parts and what they do. You should be able to identify the attachment port and accessory port. For the tilt-back type of stand mixer, you should also be able to identify and familiarize the head-lift release lever. Once done, it is time to assemble the stand mixer,

1. Raise the mixer’s head by pushing down the lever and lock it in place.

2. Attach the accessory to be used, i.e. wire whip, dough hook, or mixing paddle, to the port.

3. Secure the mixing bowl on the base.

4. Lower the mixer’s head by pushing down again the lever and tilt back the head to its original position.

5. Attach the splash guard after securing the head.

6. Remember to plug the appliance only when you are about to start for safety reason.


If the stand mixer is up and running and then it suddenly turns off, the unit probably has overheated. If this happens, shut off the unit and unplug it from the power source. Reduce the load of the unit by taking away some ingredients.  Let the unit rest for a while and then plug in. If it does not restart, let it again stand for a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact the customer service.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Remember to clean your stand mixer right after each use to prevent build-ups. First thing first, unplug the stand mixer from the power source. Then wipe the power unit using a damp cloth. Do not use abrasives solution nor submerge the unit in water. After that, wash the bowl manually or load it into the dishwasher. Do not use steel brush or bleach in cleaning the mixing bowl. Also, wash and dry the accessories thoroughly. The kneading hook and mixing paddle are dishwasher-safe while the wire whip should be washed manually. If attachments have been used, clean them up according to their manual. For other maintenance concerns, only authorized service representatives can perform. Also, ask the customer service representative about the warranty and return policy of the unit.

Learning all these will make the life of your stand mixer last for years.