Finding an Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Some gamers have a difficult time finding the best cheap gaming mouse for their gaming. The reason is they are left handed. When looking for a mouse that fits the leftie well, there are different categories to research. You want to find the best mouse for your hands to fit. Most companies make gaming mice for right handed gamers. The left-handed gamers get left out sometimes. When you are a leftie, you have two options. You can either adapt to the gaming mice, which entails a lot of practice with your right hand or go shopping for a mouse that is ambidextrous or a left-handed mouse. Some models have the keys reversed for lefties. There are a lot of ambidextrous mice on the market today, and it would probably be a lot easier for most of you to purchase one, instead of practicing a while with your right hand. When looking for the gaming mouse you need, there are some things to consider before making your decision.

            Build: The mouse is built symmetrically or asymmetrically, however, there are now adaptable mice.  They allow changing button locations. Asymmetrical mice are made for lefties and righties. Not every company has this idea though.

            Ambidextrous or for lefties: Most people don’t have a spare mouse to swap around with, so the best bet is to consider buying an ambidextrous mouse to get you the ability to comfortably game.

            Connection: It is your preference whether you want to have a wireless or wired mouse. Many gamers may prefer not having to deal with batteries and possible interferences with other wireless devices. The most recent wireless gaming mice have very low potentials. When shopping for wireless gaming mice for lefties, the options are quite low.

            Number of Buttons: When trying to find a mouse to fit your needs as a leftie, the button placement is imperative. It is your preference how many buttons you need. If you are an MMO player, you’ll need more buttons and the buttons on the side.

            DPI or dots per inch: Higher DPI values mean that the mouse will react more accurately to little movements. Some mice can use many settings. Some let the users change their settings to what they prefer.

            Looks and Style: LEDs and altered color changing parts are often prevalent in gaming mice.

            Size and Shape: This is one of the most important features of a gaming mouse. If it is not the right size and shape, its not going to help your gaming. It will hinder you.

            Which left-handed mouse is a good fit for you? Once you have done your research, look at these characteristics and you will be able to have a better idea of what to get for your gaming mouse. Weigh the options, including what price is in your budget, think of your needs, what are your expectations in the gaming mouse, go online, and visit local stores as well. You can also check reviews to decided which one is right for you.

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